Who are we

DP Specials is a Dutch import/export company founded in 2003 by Dennis Panhuijsen. Dennis has gained incredible experience in European retail in Toys & Gifts, and has been importing from the Far East for over 25 years. His experience and creativity has resulted in only a few special products but each one of them has been extremely successful in different markets all over the world.

DP Specials started off immediately with a major TV hit for the Clickers® skate shoes in the Benelux followed instantly by the famous Olé Olé Soccer Megaphone and a very successful range of Karaoke Hardware products. In only few years time DP Specials has earned a solid reputation of being the largest Karaoke Hardware supplier in Europe!
Please take a quick look at the Karaoke TV Commercial

In 2016, again! Clickers® has become the most popular skate shoe in the Benelux market.
Please take a quick look at the Clickers TV Commercial

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